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Organizing a bilingual wedding can help you with these tips in a successful way!

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Organize bilingual weddings and combine cultures

Bilingual partnerships are particularly interesting. When different cultures meet and are connected with love, that's a really enjoyable thing. It's also a good idea to include the two languages ​​at the wedding as well. And especially when some of the guests do not understand the other language, it is important that they are thought of so that they do not get bored and also show some respect for them. After all, these guests were also nice enough to honor you at your wedding. But what at first glance seems like an ease, can turn out to be a difficult challenge when planning begins. What is the best way to organize a wedding involving both languages? With our tips you will definitely succeed super!

A bilingual wedding with the right service providers

Hire an experienced wedding planner for bilingual wedding celebrations

A big relief is a wedding planner who speaks both languages. So, if you plan to hire a planner to organize the bilingual wedding, listen to find out if you can find a suitable one. The same applies to the photographer and any other service providers. In this way, the service providers can communicate directly with the guests and do not need to contact you to translate. Alternatively, you can hire an interpreter. But this would drive the cost of the already expensive wedding celebration even more. With a bilingual service provider, you'll be amazed at how easy wedding planning can be.

Plan a website for the wedding

Organize a website for the wedding and put all the important information in bilingual online

Anything but unusual nowadays is to create a website. And if you organize a bilingual wedding, this is even recommended. On such a website you can inform your guests in advance about different things in both languages. This includes, among other things, the story of how you met, but also some information about the wedding program, how to get there and possible hotels. It is also the perfect way to inform all your guests about the peculiarities of both cultures and thus to interest them. You will be prepared to bring in foreign traditions during the wedding and everyone will be happy about that.

Contribute to a pleasant journey

Organizing the wedding and assisting with travel and hotel reservation with foreign guests

Of course, some of the guests may even have to travel from another country. As a matter of course, as the bridal couple, they help with planning and booking and help wherever you can to make the journey as enjoyable as possible. This also includes accommodation in which the respective foreign language is spoken. “Other countries, other customs” it is known, and you should not forget synonymous. Even if you want to celebrate your wedding in another country, where guests have to travel as well, there is a lot to consider: Not everywhere you should drink tap water, but rather rely on bottled mineral water. Tipping is handled differently in each country, and it is important in a foreign country that the passport is always and everywhere in it. All this is important information that you should familiarize yourself with and of course your guests. And here comes the website again, which simplifies the whole thing and turns out to be a useful help when organizing a bilingual wedding.

Organize written elements in both languages ​​for the wedding

With a table decoration in the foreign language, everyone feels welcome

This refers to invitation cards, save the date cards, the menu, the program and the like. Everything you plan in one language, you should, of course, in the other. Here are a few tips on how best to organize your wedding in relation to this:

The invitation cards

When organizing the wedding, the invitation cards should be designed in both languages

There are two ways to organize a bilingual wedding: Either you design a model that contains the same text in both languages, or you order two designs – one in one language and another in the other. Inquire best whether there is a difference in the price depending on the variant. Then maybe you can decide more easily. The first variant with both languages ​​in one is definitely a great way to prepare all guests for the upcoming bilingual and bicultural wedding. Feel free to come up with a design that suits your taste and needs. The Internet offers various printable templates that you can use for this purpose.

The wedding program and menu

Design the menu for the wedding and the program for everyone

Here, the same applies as with the invitation cards: Both languages ​​are a must, so that every guest understands and knows what is pending. In addition, nobody feels excluded in this way. How would you feel if you are invited to a wedding and do not understand anything? You should always remember that! And when it comes to the design and the design, you can merge both cultures. Just as you do as future spouses. Use photos or motifs that symbolize both cultures, creating a more intimate atmosphere for guests when organizing the bilingual wedding.

Various signs

Signs in two languages ​​are helpful and motivate you to learn new foreign words

You may also decorate the wedding location with some signs and signs. This is the perfect way to do this in two languages. So, when you organize the wedding, remember this little thing. Signposts and other types of signs in both languages ​​are useful for everyone present. A funny idea, to make this even more interesting for the guests, is to distribute on the tables signs on which are found phrases with pronunciation and all the bells and whistles in both languages. Certainly one or the other has an interest in learning new foreign words and testing them on the spot.

To organize a bilingual grape manager for the wedding

A bilingual grape manager is a good idea for everyone to understand the wedding ceremony

It would be perfect if you can find a grape official who speaks both languages. After all, the wedding ceremony is the most important part of the celebration. Repeating any speech, phrase or statement in both languages ​​will not only make it annoying but annihilate the elaborately planned wedding. In turn, a bilingual grape manager can accurately assess what is best translated in which way, because not everything is necessary. For example, it is not necessary for you to recite your vow twice. The second time it would lose its magic anyway.

Tips for the wedding ceremony if you are planning a bilingual wedding

Instead, you can have it printed in the other language in the program or you can come up with a nice idea with a projector. Alternatively, after the vow, you can simply have someone make a nice speech in their mother tongue. The variants are numerous. It is also important that the speeches are kept as short as possible so as not to bore guests who do not understand. Who can, may also combine several languages ​​in one speech. This is relatively complicated, but interesting and lets everyone listen attentively. With a little creativity you can organize and plan something original for the wedding.

Planning a guest as a translator for the wedding

If you organize the bilingual wedding you can hire a translator

If you have a friend who also speaks and is invited to speak the foreign language, you can ask him to be available to answer any questions. That does not mean that he should be a freelance translator without interruption. Finally he came to have fun and to celebrate a wedding. No, it just means that he should help if someone does not get along and needs help. Surely he would like to do that, do not you agree?

Organize multicultural wedding

Two cultures merge at a multi-cultural wedding

If you organize the wedding, be sure to incorporate the traditions of both cultures. For the best and simplest communication is still done through the body language. So you can include traditional food in the menu or play music that is typical of your home. In this way, some will learn more about the other culture, while others will be proud to say that you, the bridal couple, appreciate and continue the traditions.

Organize a wedding and preserve traditions of both cultures

All in all, you do not have to worry about everyone understanding every detail during the wedding. This is not important at all, nor is it necessary, as long as each element of the program is of a comfortable length. It is more important to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome and as part of the family or the circle of friends. The rest is done by the emotions – because who does not understand laughter and tears of joy?


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