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The & quot; Blush & ldquo; Wedding dress in pink, pink & similar nuances is classic & modern at the same time

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Extravagant and strapless wedding dress in pink with roses

The wedding dress does not have to be white anymore. More and more future brides turn to a colored bridal gown and the colors pink and pink or other shades of the color red are no exception. Gwen Stefani and Reese Witherspoon are just two stars who have done it. While different shades of pink are suitable, it is light rosé in particular, which is refined and extravagant, but still looks white and is therefore not too fancy. Depending on your taste, you can choose between any model and make your outfit to something very special. The following examples will prove to you that the pink wedding dress is a wonderful alternative to the white wedding dress and turns every bride into a true princess.

“Blush” – The wedding dress in pink

Glitter stones in silver for the corset and pink tulle

The many variations of the pink color allow every bride to find the perfect model. Because not only the standard pink is suitable. From cream with hints of pink to apricot and peach, coral and salmon, to a bold and bright pink, there are a variety of models available, so you can even customize your dress to the color theme of the wedding. How about a pink wedding dress perfect as a pink vintage wedding dress? In a particularly extravagant wedding can be used again pink, which appeals especially the brave brides.

Combinable with different accent colors

Pink in ombre with accents in the shape of a bow in blue

Another advantage is that the wedding dress in pink can be combined with a number of other colors. You can set accents in silver, silver gray or gold by using matching jewelry or a belt. Even embroidery or lace can decorate the dress in a contrasting color and thus create additional eye-catcher. Also rose gold is wonderfully suitable as a combination and not only as jewelry, but also in the form of shoes. Just get advised at the bridal shop once you've decided on a pink wedding dress. There you can also try on everything to see if you like the overall outfit.

Peach as the basis for the bridal gown and white lace as a decoration and contrast

Even the classic white can play a role in the wedding dress in pink. Two-parters can be chosen accordingly in both colors. Or how about pink tulle and white lace? With a wedding dress in pink and white, this romantic and feminine embellishment comes into its own. Of course you can do it the other way around and choose a white wedding dress with a pink lace. The variants are numerous! If you want it to be particularly modern and elegant, grab sequins or pearls in a secondary color such as silver or gold to a pink skirt to get a two-piece suit that flatters the pink arrangement. Of course you can also choose a rosaton for these ornaments.

The right outfit for the groom

Pink wedding dress on an asian wedding and groom with black pants and bow tie

Of course, you also want your groom or outfit to suit you in color. And that is quickly achieved: A shirt in the same shade is wonderfully suited for this purpose. But even a smaller accent such as a matching tie or a bow tie is enough to make both of you visually the perfect pair and to draw everyone's attention. Practically, the pink color and thus the wedding dress in pink can be combined with both a gray and a black, white and dark blue suit, so you have no limits.

Elegant wedding dress in pink with gathered fabric and romantic lace

Take a look at the picture gallery from different models for the wedding dress in pink and pink or blush. In this way, you get a more accurate idea of ​​this trend dress to quickly find out what you like best and what you should look for. With a wedding dress in pink you will feel like a fairy tale princess, regardless of whether you choose tulle, silk, lace or other fabrics and ornaments. And your groom? He will definitely fall in love with you again as soon as he gets to see you in your dream dress!

Wedding dress in pink and A-line with embroidery as embroidery and long train

Brides with blush wedding dresses are modern and classic at the same time

Shiny silk in pink and lace combine modern with vintage

Strong pink for the wedding dress with white embellishments in the skirt

Lush skirt for the wedding dress in pink and white with roses

V-neck and white lace for a wedding dress in pink

Strapless pink tulle wedding dress for a princess look

White wedding dress with embroidery in pink for the princess look

Attractive skirt made of many layers of fabric in pink

Pink as an accent or secondary color in a white wedding dress

Romantic A-line with lush embellishment and lace for a strapless design

Romantic wedding dress in pink tulle with train

Pink and silver combine for a modern and luxurious look

Pink dress and dark blue suit for the groom

Peach and gold for bridal gowns with blush effect

Ombre in white and pink or pink for the wedding dress

Wedding dress in pink with ombre effect and sleeves

Idea for the beach wedding with keyhole back and fabric in peach

Wedding dress with keyhole back and floral ornament

Wedding dress in rosamite white embroidery for a subtle contrast

Modern wedding dress in pink with retro flair thanks to embroidery

Airy, loose tulle dress with transparent sleeves

Mermaid wedding dress with train and bow

Pink and white ombre for a boho vintage wedding dress with puffed sleeves

Pink and A-line wedding dress with belt at the waist and subtle white embellishments

Floral motifs can be used for pink or pink details in the dress

Extravagant ball and bridal gown with wide skirt in pink, bolero and glitter effect

Tight fitting wedding dress in pink for an elegant bride

Unique design with large floral motifs in delicate rose

Bridal fashion designers design numerous models with this color trend

The wedding dress in pink is perfect for a fairytale wedding

This mermaid wedding dress with lots of tulle creates a fairy look

The wedding dress Blush with tulle has a deep neckline

This simple pink wedding dress is adorned by a large bow

A pink ball gown can be chosen for the wedding

Dark pink, long sleeves and Indian motifs for the wedding dress

Blush wedding dresses are trendy - peach color with a feminine cut

Boho chic wedding dress in pink combined with red bridal bouquet

Blush wedding dress with white veil and plenty of embroidery

Delicate pink with a feeling of white for a combination of classic and modern

Vokuhila style for a pink wedding dress and matching bridal shoes

Tulle skirt and white lace top for the bride

Rosanes wedding dress with sleeves and no neckline

Pink wedding dress with floral motifs and golden accents


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